1% Exchange Rate 2.5% Transition Fees
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How SOLYUN Works

In a nutshell you will understand the system as a whole.


1. Register for free

Easy and fast account creation in the system, taking no more than 5 minutes


2. Choose an amount to send

In the app, you must choose the amount you want to send to another country, then the conversion is carried out instantly with the current currency quote..


3. Add recipient’s bank details

You can add details of transactions or purchases and sales of products made.


4. Verify your identity

Identity verification will be mandatory if local country law requires it.


5. Pay for your transfer

You will pay fair fees for international money transfers quickly and securely.


6. That’s it

One of the most innovative systems and projects in the World Market, we are already going out of business!

Token HRC20 - HTML

Solyun (SOL)

Designated token for exchanges and shipments of international currency values for the lowest cost of gas with 3.5% tax

Block Explorer
Token BSC - BEp20

Solyun (SOLY)

Designated for buying and selling goods and services within the Solyun platform with an Exchange Rate of 3.5% + 1% Rebound

Block Explorer

Compare tokens and their usefulness

Comparison of tokens and use on the Platform with their due rates and their meanings

Market Acceptance
Transparent payouts
System Integration
Trusted Network
Deposit tagging
Project development
24×7 support

We always try to understand customers expectation

Our expectations exceed the reality where we find ourselves on various social networks, come be part of the financial market revolution