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System for buyers and sellers of products, General ecosystem: CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE, WALLET, YOUR P2P SYSTEM AND DIRECT PAYMENTS AND RECEIPTS, Decentralized world banking interconnection..

Protection against fraud: We guarantee that all systems are anti fraud and against scammer, so much so that we are Scam Trademarks, we will never put coins fausas or Pishing for users to exchange, only viable and original coins and following an infinite line..

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Growth of value

The valuation is given by the use and quantity of users adept the currency and the Solyun system Solyun starts its Pre sale with market value at $ 5.33, appreciation is given by the number of registered users on the site

Amazing Experiences

turning user experience into a normal activity such as tying shoes.

Transfer to P2P

user can put the sale a certain amount of BTC as a private sale, he can even stipulate the price outside the exchange system. can choose virtual currencies or Money, he will receive offers for sale


The money is yours and you owe no satisfaction to anyone, that's why we value 100% anonymity

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Global support in a range of languages

Global support initially in English and Portuguese from Brazil.

We will add support in Russian, Croatian, Chinese and Indian.

Made to grow with your business

International payments

Receive Payments Anywhere in the World. Receive in Digital Assets or State Currency

Completely customisable

Easy customization of payments. Easy integration on the web or websites

Real-time alerts

Instant payment or billing alerts. Get notified of pending payments

Fully safe and secure

Completely safe and fast. Trust in the single system


Solyun We reached more than 55,000 people on our social networks in less than 7 days.

See the trust we bring to users first hand and market transparency.

Is the best project , good waw 🎉😘😘

Babang Roottek Facebook Post

good project and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected. I think in the near future I will see an authentic growth of this project, This is an amazing project

Md Asif Facebook Post

This project looks very interesting. I am interested, and I will support this project until it is successful according to the plan that has been set

Roni Arif Facebook Post

Meet the Creator behind this Idea

In order to solve problems arising from international transfers and put an end to delays in transactions.

Anderson Silva CEO Developer

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Huge and Diverse Market

  • P2P Merchants +3 Millions
  • Local and worldwide merchants +1 Billion
  • Buyers and end users +60 Billion
  • + 75 countries use virtual coins
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Retail Payment Processing

A faster and more practical way to sell through digital assets and local currency, in addition to receiving payment on the spot.

You can already use it with your debit or credit card, you choose, or you can withdraw it at the terminals 24hrs*. Everything to facilitate you and end the monopolization of the system.

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Online & Payment Processing

Track your purchases and sales Online and in real time. You will not miss any information.

With our platform your product is there for sale as long as you want, or until you sell it online, payments are instantaneous if the sale is made locally.

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